Three cases of Monkeypox suspected on a train in Ghent-Saint-Pierre

Three cases of Monkeypox suspected on a train in Ghent-Saint-Pierre. Precautionary measures taken and individuals transported for screening. Low risk of spreading the virus to other travelers. Read more here.

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The pre-alert of the medical response plan was initiated in Ghent on Wednesday afternoon in response to a report that 3 commuters may be carriers of the Monkeypox virus. 


"We're looking into it," Flemish Care and Health Agency spokesman Joris Moonens said.

According to preliminary information, the train controller reported that: after inspecting the tickets he felt a set of people could be infected with the Monkeypox virus. This report was treated seriously,  and the train was stopped. The three individuals were transported to UZ Gent for screening. The outcomes will be available within 24 to 48 hrs.

Low danger


"If it is the Monkeypox virus, the risk of spreading it to other travellers is low. The disease spreads through skin-to-skin or long-distance close contacts that last more than three hours." Moonens added.

The following measures were decided

According to SNCB, the incident occurred on a train from Welkenraedt and Kortrijk." Several people were discovered to be not carrying tickets this afternoon during the train ticket check. As a result, these passengers were forced to get off the train.

They were later suspected to be infected with Monkeypox. These individuals were taken to the hospital in a car. On the way back to Ghent-Saint-Pierre, the wagon they had previously been was taken off the road as a precaution" Bart Crols, spokesman for the SNCB, explains.

There have been no special arrangements made for the evacuee travellers." There is no need for precautionary measures due to the low risk of contamination. They can always be tested if they exhibit symptoms." Joris Moonens of the Flemish Care and Health Agency agreed.

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