There is not Monkeypox in Kuwait

Discover the latest update on monkeypox in Kuwait and the preventative measures taken by the country's health ministry. Get insights into Kuwait's readiness for the 2022 Hajj season and the discussion about food security. Plus, learn about the historic appointment of four women to Kuwait's Municipal Council.

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Monkeypox, a prevalent viral ailment in West and Central Africa, has not been detected in Kuwait, according to the country's cabinet. Medical expert Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed examined global statistics on monkeypox spread at an unusual seminar. According to Health Minister Khaled Al-Saeed, Kuwait is taking measures to prevent the spread of monkeypox. According to Al-Saeed, there were no monkeypox cases in Kuwait after the cabinet meeting.


According to Dr. Al-Saeed, the Ministry of Health is ready for the 2022 Hajj season and has laid out plans to allow Kuwaiti pilgrims to take part in the rites. Pre-departure immunizations and PCR tests will be available at health centers and clinics in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

The goals of a ministerial committee tasked with safeguarding Kuwait's food security, as well as the availability of major necessities, were discussed by the cabinet. This year's freshly elected city council has been welcomed by the Kuwaiti government. Members of Kuwait's Municipal Council were named during an emergency meeting held at Al-Seif Palace on Tuesday.

Rana Al-Fares described the appointment of four women to the Municipal Council as setting a "historic precedent" on Tuesday. As a result of the appointments, Al-Fares remarked, Kuwaiti women need to be empowered by appointing qualified women to council positions. On their first day of work in June, she wished the new council members the best of luck. Al-Shalfan, Alya Al-Faresi and Al-Amir, Munira and Farah Al-Roumi were named as council members by the Cabinet, together with Ismael Behbehani and Abdullatif Al-Daee (KUNA)

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