The central African Republic may be hard hit with lack of monkeypox vaccines.

Lack of monkeypox vaccines poses a threat to the Central African Republic. Concerns arise over stockpiling and its impact on vaccination rates in poorer nations. The rise in monkeypox cases amplifies the need for a new vaccine.

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This week, the interim director of Africa's leading public health organisation said he hopes the stockpiling of vaccines that occurred during the COVID-19 epidemic won't happen again with the present monkeypox outbreak.


Contagious viral disease monkeypox is prevalent throughout Africa, particularly in the nations of Central African Republic, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Following over 200 suspected as well as confirmed infections, however, it has sparked worldwide concern.

The UNICEF has previously advised wealthier countries against stockpiling COVID-19 vaccinations, which might jeopardize supply in poorer nations like the Central African Republic, where vaccination rates are low.

Ahead of the release of a new vaccine, the number of monkeypox cases has risen, despite worries about the stockpiling of the vaccine. 

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