Saudi Arabia has banned international flights to Syria and 15 other countries because to new Covid-19 outbreaks

Saudi Arabia Bans International Flights to Syria and 15 Other Countries Due to New Covid-19 Outbreaks

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Among the 16 countries are Syria, India, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. No cases of monkeypox have been found, according to the country's health ministry.


Following the re-emergence of Covid and a significant increase in the number of day-to-day Covid-19 infections in recent weeks, Saudi Arabia has forbidden its citizens from entering sixteen countries, including syria.

According to Gulf News, Saudi Arabian citizens are forbidden from visiting Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran, Somalia, Turkey, Yemen, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Indonesia, Vietnam, Armenia, Belarus, and Venezuela.

Furthermore, no instances of monkeypox have been identified in Saudi Arabia, according to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health. The Kingdom can monitor and detect possible monkeypox infections, as well as fight the virus if a new case appears, according to Abdullah Asiri, the Kingdom's Deputy Minister of Health for Preventive Health.


"There have been very few examples of human-to-human transmission to date," he said, "so the likelihood of epidemics is quite low, even in countries where cases have been detected."

Meanwhile, the WHO has confirmed 80 cases of monkeypox in 11 countries and is examining the breadth and sources of the outbreak.

The virus has been detected in numerous animal species in a variety of countries, according to the WHO, and has occasionally caused epidemics among locals and visitors.

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