Monkeypox necessitates a "substantial public health response," according to a Covid vaccine expert, as the UK records 21 new cases of the virus, which is typically found in Africa.

Monkeypox outbreak in the UK reaches 321 cases as experts call for a substantial public health response. A leading Covid vaccine expert highlights the need to control the virus, although stating that it is less dangerous than Covid-19. Discover more about the latest developments in the monkeypox outbreak.

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As the number of cases in the UK's monkeypox outbreak reached 321 today, one of the country's top Covid experts argued that the country needs a "substantial public health response."


Sir Andrew Pollard, an AstraZeneca vaccine development team member, believes the tropical virus outbreak is less dangerous than the Covid outbreak.

He did, however, warn that more action was needed to keep it under control. Sir Andrew didn't explain what he meant.

Following his knighthood for public service, he stated that monkeypox "doesn't spread as well as Covid" and only "rarely" causes severe disease.


The UK Health Security Agency has confirmed 18 new infections in England and one in Scotland since Monday. The total for the United Kingdom has now risen to 321.

Despite the lack of specifics, officials stated that gay and bisexual men "continue to be disproportionately affected."

Despite the fact that the outbreak has spread to nearly 40 countries, it is still centred in London.


Since the virus's discovery on May 6, 305 instances in England, 11 in Scotland, 2 in Northern Ireland, and 3 in Wales have been reported.

In the ever-expanding global cluster, the United Kingdom has the most cases, followed by Spain (199), Portugal (166), and Canada (100).

In England and Northern Ireland, monkeypox is now a notifiable disease, which means that all doctors must report suspected cases to local health authorities. Like the plague, rabies, and measles, the tropical virus is now legally recognised.

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