Monkeypox is spreading to non-endemic countries, according to Tedros in Geneve, Switzerland

Monkeypox Outbreak Spreading to Non-Endemic Countries: WHO Chairman Warns of Real Risk

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The World Health Organization chairman stated that the number of monkeypox infections in non-endemic nations has surpassed 1,000, and the risk of it spreading to some is "real."


During a press conference in Geneva to update the public on the prevailing Monkeypox outbreak, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General,  stated that 29 nations where the Monkeypox infection does not normally circulate had confirmed cases.

According to Tedros, the "unexpected and sudden" appearance of Monkeypox in countries suggests that it has gone undetected for some time.

He did add, however, that if infected people confine themselves at home and avoid close contact with others, the virus might be kept from spreading in non-endemic countries.


WHO has released guidelines on monitoring and contact tracing, as well as laboratory testing and diagnosis, to assist countries.

He stated that the agency will issue infection prevention and control, clinical care, vaccination, and additional community protection guidance in the coming days.

WHO held a consultation with over 500 researchers last week to assess what we know and don't know and identify research priorities.

"We're also working with civil society organizations, UNIADS, and societies of men who have sex with men to answer questions and provide information about Monkeypox and how to avoid it," Tedros added.

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