Monkey pox is being "prudently" monitored

Learn about the current situation and monitoring of monkey pox in Portugal. The article discusses the rise in cases and emphasizes the importance of medical opinion and vaccination.

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The number of monkey pox cases in Portugal has grown to 166, according to the Minister of Health, who added that officials are monitoring the situation "with non-excessive care."


When asked about the rise in cases and the fact that Portugal has one of the highest rates of infection, Marta Temido stated that the nation has "a excellent history" of registering, which reflects "the magnitude of the issue."

"Right now, all we can say is that we have been attempting to create a very genuine and committed record of the number of new instances of infection by Monk pox virus," the minister added.

The minister emphasised that each nation's figures are always a reflection of their notification approach and clinical concerns in this respect, and that they are "extremely diverse from country to country."


However, "the worry" at the moment, according to Marta Temido, is "the excellent health of persons who have received the virus and are being watched."

The Minister of Health also said that the authorities are keeping an eye on "this progression with care, but not excessive prudence."

She said that we are discussing "a illness and diseases chose individuals" when asked whether there is a profile description for these patients.

"Therefore, what is critical is that medical opinion be followed," Marta Temido added, noting that the vaccination against pox is now in the country's national strategic reserve of pharmaceuticals. "We are also aware of the necessity to strengthen the key national reserve."

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