Malawi health minister rubbishes claim of a patient dying of Monkeypox

Malawi health minister refutes claims of a patient dying from Monkeypox; investigation reveals it was disseminated varicella disease. Ministry collaborates with WHO to monitor Monkeypox. Remember to practice good personal hygiene and seek medical help promptly if unwell.

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The Malawi Health Ministry said that the investigations have proved that a patient who died last Friday at the Chiradzulu District Hospital was not suffering from Monkeypox. 


Dr. Charles Mwansambo, who is the Secretary for Health revealed that the Ministry immediately used the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) to investigate the case and that an opinion was also asked from the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. 

Mwansambo said the investigation indicated it was not Monkeypox but disseminated varicella disease affecting the brain, lungs, skin, and the liver (causing hepatitis, encephalitis, and pneumonitis). The Varicella virus causes shingles and Chickenpox. 

He also said that the patient did not travel beyond the country, and neither was he in contact with an infected person with Monkeypox. 


However, Mwansambo said that the Public Health Laboratory in Lilongwe will continue to process samples from this case in order to guide the defining analysis and diagnosis. 

The Health Ministry of Malawi will continue to work with the WHO in order to monitor the global situation regarding Monkeypox. 

Mwansambo concluded by saying that the public needs to follow exemplary personal hygiene practices, and if unwell, people should visit the nearest health centre without any delay. 

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