Luxembourg records index Monkeypox case 

Luxembourg records index case of monkeypox: Health Ministry announces the discovery of a monkeypox case in the Grand Duchy. Learn about the symptoms, transmission, and recommended precautions for this infectious disease.

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Luxembourg's Health Ministry announced the discovery of a monkeypox index case in the Grand Duchy.


The patient was taken to the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg's national service for infectious diseases for treatment. The Minister of Health stated that the overall health status of the patient was good.

The announcement was accompanied by a recommendation advising the populace with signs of infection to visit the infectious disease services. Some of the signs of monkeypox infection include fatigue, chills, rashes, swollen lymph nodes, backaches, muscle pain, headaches, and fever.

Transmission of the virus is through close contact with saliva or other body fluids of the as well as sexual contact, said the health ministry. Those that have contracted the virus should self-isolate until they are healed. 

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