Italy's Health Ministry reports 71 Monkeypox cases 

Discover the latest updates on the outbreak of monkeypox in Italy, as the country's health ministry reports a total of 71 cases. Learn about the spread of the virus across Europe and its origins in monkeys. Find out about the symptoms and precautions to take if you have been in contact with infected individuals. Stay informed and stay safe.

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Giovanni Rezza, Italy's health ministry director-general reported on Friday that the nation's monkeypox count has jumped to 71. The country's ministry of health earlier reported 29 infections on the 9th June briefing. 


Monkeypox has now spread to over thirty nations where it is not previously known to occur. The number of people infected with the virus across Europe is close to 1,900. 

Monkeypox virus was first found among monkeys where it also got its name from. Humans contract the virus by touching infected animals and is predominantly found in Central and West Africa and only sparingly in other locations.

Symptoms of Monkeypox include fever, chills, and boils on the skin. Those who have been in close contact with infected cases are advised to visit a physician for examination and self-isolate.

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