Isolation periods and treatment regimens for Monkeypox now available

Learn about isolation periods and treatment regimens for Monkeypox as the virus prepares to potentially spread to Iceland. The Directorate of Health provides instructions for protection and quarantine protocols, with possible isolation lasting up to a month. Contact a health center immediately if you suspect exposure. Visit the Directorate of Health for more information.

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In preparation for possible monkeypox virus spread to Iceland, the Directorate of Health has provided instructions for the public on how to protect themselves. Those who have been exposed may be kept quarantined for up to a month, according to RÚV,


In response to the recent epidemic of monkeypox in Europe, the Directorate of Health thinks that the infection will soon arrive in Iceland, and that regulations must be implemented.

The virus is contracted through direct contact and in nasal droplets of infected person. The sick person must stay in isolation for two to four weeks until the rash has convalesced. It appears that the disease is relatively mild, and Iceland's quarantine facilities are being considered.

If you think you've been exposed to it, you should contact a health center as soon as possible so they can take the required precautions to keep the disease from spreading in Iceland.

Please see the Directorate of Health for further information.

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