Is Monekypox a cause for concern? : Top epidemiologist in Bahrain thinks so

Concerns over the spread of Monkeypox in North America and Europe: Top epidemiologist in Bahrain raises alarms

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One of the best and most accomplished infectious disease specialists in Bahrain, Lt. Col. Dr Manaf Al Qahtani voiced his fears regarding the spread of Monkeypox in North America and Europe. He is an infectious disease consultant as well as a microbiologist at the BDF Hospital besides being a member of taskforce formed for combating the Coronavirus. 


According to Al Qahtani, the monkeypox virus is present in seven countries: 9 in UK, 6 in Portugal, 23 cases in Spain, one in the USA, 13 in Canada, and 1 each in Italy and Sweden. He says that this spread is unusual and it fills him with worry. 

If a person is bitten by or touches an infected animal like squirrels, mice and rats, the monkeypox can enter his/her system. Besides direct bites, handling of rodent blood, body fluids or fur can also lead to contractions of monkeypox. Some of the common symptoms of this disease in humans are lesions on the hands and the face, muscle ache and chills. Enlarged lymph nodes are also symptomatic of this disease. 

Al Qahtani said that all over Europe and the USA, there were over 70 confirmed cases of monkeypox. What worries him is that a good percentage of the cases are not linked to previous travel to those countries where this virus is normally found. He said that while monkeypox is associated with wild animals and is not as contagious as COVID, the present scenario might prove his claim false. 

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