Iceland records the third case of Monkeypox 

Discover the latest case of Monkeypox in Iceland, with a man in his middle age being the third victim. Learn about the mild illness and necessary precautions to prevent its spread.

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On Saturday, a third Monkeypox victim was revealed in Iceland, according to the Directorate of Health.


The victim is a man in his middle age who just returned from a European tour. According to the Directorate of Health, his illness is mild and he is quarantined at home.

This is coming barely a week after the discovery of the first two cases in Iceland. According to the Directorate of Health, the two prior patients had mild illnesses when diagnosed. They had also travelled to Europe.

Monkeypox is spread through respiratory droplets and skin contact, so the Directorate of Health recommends that individuals avoid skin contact with strangers and get tested if a blister or rash appears on their body.

If you think you have been infected by Monkeypox, stay at home and see a doctor for testing.

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