Hospitals ready for monkeypox cases: DOH

The Department of Health assures hospitals are prepared to handle monkeypox cases as part of their infection control measures. The country's healthcare system is working with stakeholders and implementing the four-door policy to prevent the entry and spread of monkeypox. Simple public health precautions and symptomatic therapy are also being explored for monkeypox control.

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The country's healthcare system, according to a health authority, is prepared to manage cases of monkeypox virus.


Health Undersecretary Myrna Cabotaje said the Department of Health (DOH) is working with its stakeholders if the monkeypox virus enters the nation in a televised public briefing.

"The same principles apply to infection control." We were able to practise the measures during the Covid-19 pandemic (Actually, we were able to practise the measures during the Covid-19 pandemic)," she explained.

Monkeypox will be stopped from entering the country using the four-door policy, which is part of the National Emergency Operational Response Plan to prevent and control new infectious diseases, according to the Department of Health.


The strategy is "Prevent, Detect, Isolate, Treat, and Reintegrate."

"The Bureau of Quarantine informed us that there are no direct flights available in the affected areas, so na-i-screen na (the have already been inspected")," "Cabotaje made a statement.

"However, everyone who may have seen or travelled through these areas will be examined," she stated.

Monkeypox transmission might be stopped, according to experts, if simple public health precautions were followed, such as wearing the best-fitting mask, maintaining good ventilation, handwashing, and physical separation.

The researcher adds, "We're also looking into symptomatic therapy." Cabotaje explained, "We coordinate with our international authorities on what else may be done (for monkeypox control)."

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