Health Minister says Mauritius still safe from Monkeypox

Stay informed about the Monkeypox situation in Mauritius. Health Minister reassures the public that the country remains safe from the epidemic, but emergency plans are being prepared. Read more for updates and information on the spread of Monkeypox worldwide.

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As the epidemic spreads throughout the world, so does worry. About 219 cases have been reported to the WHO from nineteen countries. Of these, most of these cases are in Europe, In Europe, where this disease, which used to be common in Africa, is rare. Kailesh Jagutpal, the Minister of Health, said that Mauritius has nothing to worry about for the time being. But a plan for an emergency is being made.


The Monkeypox situation today

Monkeypox is common in Central and West Africa, where it is found in 11 countries. But this disease has spread, and the European ECDC says that 19 countries are now affected. The UK, which was the first nation to disclose the virus, has 71 cases, the country of Spain has 51, Canada has 15, Portugal has 37, the USA has 9, there are 2 cases in Australia, and the UAE and Israel each have one. The ECDC says that this disease can be spread from person to person through long-term contact.

Emergency plans in the works


Because of worries around the world, the government of Mauritius is on high alert. "We have set up a monitoring system at ports and airports," said the Minister of Health. When passengers arrive, they are screened and tested. People whose symptoms get worse will be put in isolation right away. 

The emergency response plan will include full support for people who are suspected when they arrive and are being screened. These people will be locked up by themselves for three weeks, which is about how long Monkeypox takes to disappear completely. The focus of the observations will be on how fevers, other illnesses, and especially rashes get worse in the first 1–5 days after contamination. Special care will be given to children, women who are pregnant, and anyone who doesn't have a strong immune system. 

Mobile Units to be the Focus


When it comes to Covid 19, Jagutpal also said Mobile Units will be the focus. "We've already cut the numbers of people who work at the vaccination centers. We're putting more attention on mobile vaccinations, so, he makes it clear that some of these centers will be shut down while Mobile Teams will function properly during the winter for the benefit of the elderly, who constitute a big part of Mauritius’s population, and also for the benefit of the way this pandemic is being handled.

Covid data for today

 Numbers for People who got the first shot were 1,009,358, the second shot was given to 976,306, and the third shot was given to 636,072.

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