Guernsey sexual health clinics take the necessary measures to combat Monkeypox

Guernsey sexual health clinic takes steps to combat Monkeypox outbreak, ensuring the safety of patients and staff. Changes in appointment arrangements include preliminary phone consultations. Find out more about the necessary measures being implemented.

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As a result of the recent monkeypox epidemic in England, the Guernsey sexual health clinic is taking the necessary measures.


Following the outbreak of monkeypox in England, a sexual health clinic in Guernsey is taking steps to protect its patients and staff.

People may notice some changes while trying to arrange appointments with Orchard Centre, according to what they have said.

They are providing preliminary phone consultations to a select group of individuals.

They explained their decision with the following statement in a Facebook post: "This is because we are taking certain appropriate measures linked to monkeypox as a consequence of increased instances in the UK."

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