Casual relationships should use a condom or abstain: Alexandru Rafila on Monkeypox

Protect yourself in casual relationships from monkeypox: Use condoms or abstain. Learn more from Alexandru Rafila, the Minister of Health, on the importance of taking precautions during the summer events.

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Alexandru Rafila, the Minister of Health, clarifies his recent statements about monkeypox protection by recommending a condom or abstinence in casual relationships. "It's summer; there are many events, the recommendation remains"


Rafila said we shouldn't worry about smallpox in Romania.

I'd like to clarify because I interviewed some coworkers about monkeypox. I recommended condoms or abstinence in casual relationships or with acquaintances. Who takes such risks? It's not risk-free. As a disease transmitted through close, prolonged contact and secretions, I made this recommendation. Sexual transmission is one of the most important of this disease, and avoiding known people is a measure of individual protection we can all take for those at risk. Rafila added.

Concerning epidemiological investigations of confirmed cases in Romania, the Minister says that as the number of cases increases, we will enter "a kind of routine" as with COVID.


"It's summer, there are many events in Europe, and this precautionary recommendation should remain in place," said Rafila.

People born after 1979, when human smallpox vaccination was no longer mandatory, have a high risk of contracting monkeypox, says doctor Adrian Marinescu.

"According to our data, the smallpox vaccine is 80 to 85% effective. People born after 1979, when vaccinations became optional, have a high risk of infection. "Vaccination ensures decades-long immunity," said Dr. Marinescu. Doctor Adrian Marinescu told Free Europe that there are "two variants of the monkey's smallpox virus." The second variant is in Congo, which has a 10% higher mortality rate. We don't see such cases outside Africa."

There were 1,600 monkeypox cases worldwide and 4 in Romania. Dr. Marinescu says our country's epidemic risk is low. This theory is unlikely because it's hard to transmit and there have been isolated cases across Europe and beyond.

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