Action plan against Monkeypox

Take proactive action against Monkeypox outbreak in Cyprus with the designated primary hospital, contact tracing, and vaccine procurement. Stay informed about the low risk and limited transmission of the illness. Find out more about the finalized procedures and ongoing discussions on a monkeypox vaccine.

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Nicosia General Hospital has been designated as the primary hospital in Cyprus in the event of a monkeypox outbreak.


There have been no monkeypox (MPX) cases in Cyprus, but a management plan has been developed in accordance with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) standards for early detection; management; contact tracing; and reporting of monkeypox (MPX).

By the 25th of May, the health ministry had confirmed 219 cases of monkeypox.

Tracing contacts and contacting suspected cases are all part of protocol management, as are suspected and confirmed cases, as well as the transfer of suspected cases.


The adult reference hospital will be Nicosia Genera Hospital, while Makarios Hospital will serve as the primary facility for children.

The molecular virology lab at CING and the general hospital in Nicosia will work together to create monkeypox diagnoses. Samples will be sent to overseas labs as soon as possible by the ministry.

Vaccine and antiviral procurements from the EU will also be available to Cyprus.


Also included by the protocol is the possibility of incidents at Republic entry ports.

As a result of data from epidemiological studies, the general public is at a minimal risk because the illness is mild and self-limiting with limited transmission.

A report stated that "no likely instances of monkeypox have been documented."

As of Thursday, the procedures in place should a monkeypox case be discovered in Cyprus have been finalized.

On Friday, the vaccination committee will meet to discuss a monkeypox vaccine, according to the Cyprus News Agency, which obtained the information from ministry sources.

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