8 African countries including Congo Brazzaville report confirmed Monkeypox cases

Find out the latest updates on Monkeypox outbreak in Africa. Eight African countries, including Congo Brazzaville, have reported confirmed cases of Monkeypox. The World Health Organization emphasizes the need for preparedness and access to treatment and vaccines in Africa. Stay informed about this unusual situation.

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According to Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, who is the World Health Organization’s Regional Director of Africa, there have been eight African countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo that has reported confirmed cases of Monkeypox. 


Moeti held an online briefing for journalists today where she said that there have been 1,900 cases of Monkeypox reported from 39 countries the world over, and Africa has eight nations that have confirmed cases of this virus. 

There are 10 cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 36 cases in Nigeria, 8 for the Central African Republic, 3 for Benin and Cameroon respectively, as well as 2 cases in the Republic of Congo, specified Moeti. 

Because Africa is facing a rather unusual situation, the continent should be adequately prepared with fair and equitable access to treatment and vaccines, said Moeti. She added that there could potentially be a repeat of the inequities that Africa faced with the COVID-19 virus this time around. 

While speaking of the Monkeypox vaccine, Moeti said that according to WHO, there is no need for mass vaccination, however, Africa as a whole needs to be ready if the situation and need arise. 

On Tuesday, the WHO said that in the next week it would hold an Emergency Committee to say if the spread of monkeypox in non-endemic countries calls for a declaration of an international public health emergency. 

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