Sara Jerving says that the Democratic Republic of the Congo happens to be the sole country where monkeypox cases have been documented continuously for the previous five decades. An increase of 6,216 suspected cases, as well as 222 deaths, is expected in 2020 from the previous year’s 3,091 cases reported and 83 recorded deaths.

Until examples started popping up outside of Africa, these tendencies went largely undetected by the global population.

According to Dr. Michael Ryan, from WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, “I certainly haven’t heard that degree of anxiety during the previous five or 10 years.”

Sara also mentions an increase in the number of Lassa fever cases in Africa and an increase in the frequency of Ebola outbreaks, both of which have been connected by experts to ecological changes and climate changes. 

It’s clear that the system is under strain from environmental factors. Things have changed for the animals. Ryan asserted that “humans are altering their behaviour.

Despite the fact that the animal-human interface is shaky, the number of times these illnesses enter the human population is on the rise.

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