Only two countries, North Korea and Eritrea are dictatorial, destitute, and far enough away to deny their citizens immunizations.

A mutated strain of COVID threatens the lives of 32 million people only because North Korea and Eritrea have not vaccinated their citizens.

There are suspicions that the elites of both isolated nations, which have publicly opposed efforts to spread vaccines, have been immunized.

Even though Eritrea is a repressive country with one of the world’s worst human rights records, the WHO-led Covax endeavor appears to be inundated with erroneous information.

Africa’s North Korea? Eritrea has been called as such. In terms of virus data, the unknown authoritarian entity refuses to release anything.

CDC Director John Nkengasong tried unsuccessfully to persuade Eritrea to join the rest of the region in vaccinating its citizens.

It is unclear why Eritrea has taken such a harsh stance against COVID-19, given that the country has one of the highest immunization rates in the region for other diseases, according to Unicef.

This could be linked to Isaias Afwerki, the tyrant who studied in China during Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution.

As a paranoid leader, Mr. Afwerki is constantly on the lookout for assassination plots and frequently imprisons his colleagues’ families for years at a time to maintain their devotion.

He may believe in disease conspiracy theories. According to rumors, a new Western weapon designed to harm Africans for the West to seize the continent’s riches is being marketed in official Eritrean media.

Eritrea’s reluctance to communicate with the international world is most likely due to its role in the terrible civil conflict in northern Ethiopia’s Tigray area.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, is a former member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which fought against the governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

It is probable that Eritrea’s leadership dislikes the TPLF and will refuse to work with the WHO because its director is Tigrayan. According to the World Health Organization, there was no COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Eritrea.

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