On COVID funds for Poland

Three prominent MEPs have requested a no-confidence vote in Ursula von der Leyen’s European Commission.

Renewal Europe members indicated they will draught a proposal once the Council accepted Poland’s COVID-19 rescue plan.

The EU first barred funds from Warsaw due to the government’s legal system infractions, but last week approved Poland’s €35.4 billion recovery plan.

The statement brought an end to a dispute between Brussels and Poland on judicial reforms.

The liberal Renew Europe group in the European Parliament slammed the U-turn.

Senior political leaders claim that Poland has failed to defend the rule of law by overhauling judicial discipline.

On Monday, Luis Garciano, Sophie in’t Veld, and Guy Verhofstadt signed a no-confidence motion against von der Leyen.

“We will withdraw our backing if the Council refuses to follow the rule of law quantitative rules,” Verhofstadt said.

He informed Renew Europe members that the Commission is aware that the Polish measures are superficial.

“The Commission’s acceptance of Poland’s recovery plan last week is contrary to that goal,” in’t Veld remarked.

“The’milestones’ fall short of the ECJ’s requirements, and they do not address Poland’s refusal to recognize EU law and ECJ authority.”

“Von der Leyen has created a major political quandary,” says a Dutch MEP.

The no-confidence motion must be signed by 10% of the 705-member European Parliament before it can be voted on.

To censure the Commission, a two-thirds majority is required. Five EU Commissioners voted against or expressed reservations about supporting Poland’s recovery plan.

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