The US turned over desperately needed cold chain gear and laptops to the Health Ministry of Uzbekistan yesterday, with financing from the US Development agency (USAID), in order to strengthen Uzbekistan’s national immunization system. Uzbekistan’s ability to execute efficient, effective vaccine administration will be bolstered by the gear, which comprises 671 refrigerators, 212 freezers, and 150 computers for a total of $1.3 million. This much-needed gear will be provided to basic care clinics all over the country.

“The United States and Uzbekistan’s ongoing partnering is critical in the fight against the COVID-19 flu epidemic, getting vaccinated a most susceptible, supplying emergency rations, and boosting economic growth, as well as in preparing for, preventing, detecting, and responding to future waves of COVID and other communicable diseases,” said USAID Deputy Administrator for Asia njali Kaur.

This grant is part of a broader $16 million COVID-19 aid package from USAID. Through its implementing agency UNICEF, USAID is collaborating with the Ministry of Health to ensure that all children in Uzbekistan get vaccinated. Vaccines, as well as the adequate cold chain technologies designed to store and deliver them, are critical components of Uzbekistan’s COVID-19 epidemic plan.

“It’s critical to have a functioning refrigeration that reaches primary health care centres,” Munir Mammadzade, UNICEF Director in Uzbekistan, stated. “This equipment will be used to provide basic health services to the Uzbek people.” “Money invested in general practice is important for getting life-saving immunizations to people and children,” he continued.

This contribution from the United States will help fund the COVID-19 vaccine launch as well as the future Measles and Rubella immunisation campaign in September 2022. Since first incidence of COVID-19 was discovered, the US government has given Uzbekistan nearly $18 million in aid to combat the pandemic. This comprises about 7 million immunizations and involves both USAID cash and help from the Disease control And Prevention and Prevention (CDC).

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