Kuwait’s Ministry of Health has mandated that all employees of hospitals and medical centres wear face masks again. The reason is a sharp increase in COVID-19 infections, according to local media.

As a precaution, the ministry has issued a directive mandating all employees of healthcare facilities to wear masks when at work. This is done due to the sharp increase of infected during the past week.

The requirement to wear face masks indoors may be reinstated for all citizens if COVID-19 infections rise, according to sources reported in the Al Anba newspaper.

As of May, all restrictions were eased due to decreased infections. PCR tests or proof of immunization is no longer required for guests of the country. Only those suffering from symptoms were required to wear masks.

Employers and schools no longer demand PCR tests for admission to all public venues and institutions, regardless of a person’s status as COVID-19-vaccinated or not.

Sadly all of this could end rather soon.

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