Influenza is a common viral respiratory virus that normally occurs between November and April, causing seasonal outbreaks. An outbreak is presently raging in Martinique.

To successfully combat the spread of all viruses, including Covid and the flu,  the Public Health Ministry of France reminds the citizens that “barrier gestures must continue to be used”.

Regularly wash your hands with water or soap or a hydro-alcoholic solution;
When you have the flu, sneeze or cough into your elbow, and use a single-use mask when in touch with vulnerable persons.

Senior citizens are admitted free of charge.

In addition, the flu vaccination contains “indirect collective defence The vaccinated individual protects those around them who are most vulnerable by stopping the virus from spreading “The Regional Health Agency emphasises the importance of seniors, particularly those above the age of 65. In theory, they get a token from their main fund from the health insurance that allows them to obtain their immunisation at no cost from a drugstore.

Aromatherapy and vitamin C are advised.

Food may also help to enhance your immune system, according to experts. “If taken frequently, vitamin C has a soothing impact that helps to battle fatigue, infections, colds, and the flu.” and is mostly present in red fruits (blackcurrant), citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit), and sunny vegetables (tomato, pepper).

Those affected may also employ aromatherapy, which is now well acknowledged for its health benefits. “Essential oils may aid in the prevention and treatment of some illnesses.”

Going for a walk and getting fresh air can also be beneficial. 

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