Since 16th to 24th May, the Regional Health Agency has reported around 5,320 positive cases. 

As the figures pick up in Martinique the last week, the Regional Health Agency has expressed concerns on the rising numbers. From 16th May 17,787 tests have been conducted out of which around 5,320 have been detected positive. 

The previous week had revealed 4,871 while just 15 days ago it was 3,298 cases. The week before recorded 2,022 and four weeks ago it was 1,895. 

Currently the total number stands at 169,620 since the start of the epidemic. 

The alert threshold for eighteen weeks has been 10.0% but at the moment the positivity rate is at 29.9%. The incidence rate per 100,000 population has been marked at 1,483. Out of these 27 citizens have been admitted to the hospital with 2 in critical state. CHUM has informed of 963 since the beginning of epidemic in contrast to the 931 that were declared the previous week. 

State of Vaccination in Martinique

Complete vaccination data – 143,314 people (45.3% of the population)

Completed first booster shot – 89,070 people (28.7% of the population)

The health agencies of Martinique have set out a warning for everyone to follow the protocols and especially maintain social distance during private or family gatherings.

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