Starting from Thursday, June 6, minors under the age of 12 will no longer be needed to demonstrate a negative COVID-19 test result while entering Malta.

Such a statement was released by the Maltese official tourism web, Visit Malta. According to, all persons under the age of 12 will henceforth be entitled to enter the EU without limitation, regardless of their place of origin.

“Children under the age of 12 will no longer be needed to submit a negative PCR Screening Test before flying to Malta,” according to a statement issued by Visit Malta.

Apart from eliminating the testing needs for children, Malta already has reduced several of its admission requirements for other visitors. Nonetheless, everyone above the age of 12 is still required to display one of the COVID permits.

Earlier this month, Maltese officials announced that the nation will no longer apply entrance restrictions based on a person’s county of origin. Instead, access to Malta is now based on a tourist’s immunity status.

To avoid further limitations, all travelers above the age of 12 must provide a vaccination, recuperation, or test certificate upon arrival in Malta.

“From 6, 2022, persons aged 12 and over are allowed to come to Malta without passing quarantine in line with the Norms for the Expiration of Vaccine Certificates, Recovery Certificates, and Test documents for the Purpose of Visit to Malta,” the Maltese administration notes.

Those who fail to show one of the requisite certifications will be liable to a ten-day confinement, which may be lowered to seven days if a negative result result is presented on this day, according to the administration.

Following the high immunization rates, the Maltese authorities decided to relax some of the entrance criteria. As of June 2, the European Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention reported that Malta had delivered a total of 1,211,066 COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Furthermore, the data shows that 93.8 percent of adults in Malta have finished primary immunization, as well as another 80.4 percent, have previously had a booster injection.

According to, Malta anticipates 1.8 million visitor arrivals this year. According to the Malta Tourism Authority, the government hopes to attract a large number of visitors now that COVID-19 limitations have been removed in the country and throughout the globe.

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