Last week there were an average of 85 new cases of COVID per day. There have been three fatalities over the course of the last week.

During the most recent week, Malta’s seven-day running average of COVID-19 was at 85 daily cases, and three fatalities were documented as a direct result of the virus.

The number of new instances that have been recorded to the health officials has stayed unchanged over the last week, with a total of 596 new cases being reported over the course of a week’s time period. This was discovered after a review of the statistics from the previous week.

On Monday, 64 new infections were recorded, making it the day with the lowest total for the week that was examined. On Wednesday, however, 115 new cases were reported, making it the day with the highest total. Additionally, this statistic was the highest it has been since the 17th of May, which was the previous time the number of new cases was in the triple digits.

The data does not include the findings from self-testing kits since persons who take a test at home are not required to disclose the findings to the health officials, even if this is positive.

The government discontinued its daily reporting of new cases at the end of March, but the health authorities have continued to post the data publicly via the data repository website GitHub.

According to the statistics, there were three people who passed away in the most recent week, which is the same amount as in the week before.

In addition, the statistics provided by the health authorities reveal that 8 109 PCR and fast tests were carried out by the authorities throughout the course of the previous week.

This indicated that Malta’s weekly optimism rating was slightly more than 7 percent.

At the end of May, the percentage of people who were optimistic reached an all-time high of more than 20 percent. Since then, it has continued to go in a negative direction.

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