After a big surge in the number of locally transmitted Covid-19 cases, the Macau government has ramped up its mass testing. The gambling hub, usually termed the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, entering its second day of mass testing today. All schools, government services, and businesses are shut, and residents are urged to get themselves tested.

This testing comes in the wake of the first major outbreak since October 2021 and the exercise of testing approximately 600,000 residents is likely to wind up by Tuesday.

The number of confirmed cases is steadily rising, and the updated count shows 31 confirmed cases of Covid-19, until the evening of June 19, 2022. Macau has one public hospital, and it has been functioning to full capacity. 

Macau maintains a very strict ‘Zero Covid” policy and intends to eradicate all outbreaks before they spread rapidly. The government on Sunday afternoon declared that non-essential services would be shut from June 20 to 21, 2022. Schools, public parks, and other leisure activities will also be temporarily closed until further notice.

The government authorities have also notified the residents from leaving home unnecessarily. Along with other restrictions, eating out has been banned and only food takeaway services are allowed.

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