RTL asked how much protective gear the government has lost during the epidemic and learned that 6,000 vaccine doses and 1.5 million masks expired.


Since the outbreak, masks’ usefulness has been debated. Luxembourg’s lawmakers bought a large quantity of surgical masks after experts advised it.

Six million masks remain of 85 million bought. 1.5 million expired items have been destroyed.

Antibody testing

Luxembourg’s government bought antibody testing to establish how many people have Covid-19. After the initial infection wave, 2% had antibodies.

We’ve utilised all 400,000 tests.

34 million quick tests were purchased, with 3.8 million remaining. Two Grand Duchy partners each received $1 million.


First Covid-19 vaccinations launched in 2020. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), 72.8% of Luxembourgers have gotten at least two vaccinations.

Luxembourg has received 1.75 million doses, with 500,000 left. 6,020 dosages were destroyed and 56,000 were donated.

The future…

It’s hard to forecast how the future months will develop and what materials will be required. The Portuguese coronavirus strain is spreading to Luxembourg.

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