Travel restrictions in Lithuania have been eased.

When entering Lithuania, visitors will no longer be subject to the COVID-19 requirements, as announced by the Lithuanian Ministry of Health.

Even if a traveler is unwell or vaccinated, they no longer need to take a COVID-19 test before coming in Lithuania, and they no longer need to fill out a questionnaire at the National Public Health Center, according to the Lithuanian Ministry of Health.

No vaccination, recovery, or test certificate is required for entry into Lithuania as of May 1.

Vaccination and infection rates were evaluated by Lithuanian officials before entry restrictions were eased.As of April 29th, the country of Lithuania had administered 4,464,075 vaccine doses. Most people have completed their initial vaccinations, with 79% having completed it and 38.5 percent having taken a booster.According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Lithuania has documented 4,603 new cases over the past week.

Lithuania has also lifted restrictions on the use of COVID-19 within the country.According to the Ministry, those who are infected will not be obliged to segregate themselves. Also, the requirement for a mask will be eliminated. Face masks are no longer required in the majority of public places and events for visitors and Lithuanians alike.

There is no longer a need for nose and mouth masks. The Ministry of Health recommends wearing a mask in crowded, poorly ventilated public places where there is no safe spacing between people, as well as on public transit.Other countries, excluding Lithuania, will remove entrance restrictions in May. The ban on entering Bulgaria will be abolished on May 1st. There’s no need to show that your COVID-19 is up to date.

On May 2, Switzerland will be open for business. All visitors to Switzerland will be able to enter the country on Monday without limitation.

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