On Monday, Lithuania started providing the fourth dosage of coronavirus vaccination to the most susceptible persons, with others anticipated to be administered an extra booster injection near the beginning of autumn, said the Ministry of Health. 

As on Monday, the vaccine is available to all adults with chronic immunosuppressive disorders or other major deficiencies in their immune systems. The 4th dose of the vaccine will also be given to people currently being treated with immunosuppressive medicines.

Elderly persons and others at the highest risk of falling extremely ill mostly with the virus are likely to be selected to have their fourth vaccination injection during the fall, according to the ministry.

Currently, kids aged five years and above can get their first coronavirus vaccination dosage. Booster injections are accessible to all persons aged 12 and up.

Almost 70 percent of the Lithuanian population has previously been immunized for one, 2, or three vaccine doses, and the overall public vaccination rate against Covid-19 surpasses 80 percent.

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