According to Aki Lindén (SDP), Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, the Finnish people may have abandoned face masks too soon.

The elderly have been isolated to such an extent that additional isolation would not have been acceptable. I agree that the broad limits should not have been imposed. Helsingin Sanomat reported on Thursday that older people rarely go to restaurants, theaters, or athletic events. “However, I would have preferred that mask use be permitted until at least May.”

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) mainly abandoned its mask recommendation in mid-April. Lindén described the decision as sudden and surprising. “This practically puts an end to the use of masks at this moment,” he told the publication.

There has been an upsurge in coronavirus-related mortality since Lindén took office in February. Even though the pandemic has since begun to fade and deaths have been concentrated among the elderly in recent months, he has “seriously assessed what could have been done better.” He returned from a World Health Organization (WHO) meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday.

Attendees at the meeting were obliged to wear masks. Masks were required onboard Lufthansa airplanes. Why, for example, isn’t there a mask mandate in Parliament? Lindén stated that people wanted to get rid of face masks as soon as possible. He admits that face masks, particularly the less effective surgical masks, are ineffective at preventing the virus from spreading to the elderly.

“Inside, wearing a mask isn’t all that bothersome. I am aware that it is a financial concern. Certain consumers would have paid significantly more if we had used the more expensive but highly effective FFP2 masks.”

Vaccinations, according to Lindén, are the primary approach for planning for future outbreaks. He also stated that the fourth round of vaccines will be selected by specialists and authorities, and he voiced his willingness to lower the age limit.

“I believe we have now given [the fourth jab] to people over the age of 80.” I believe the minimum age should have been 70.” He also anticipated the day when the fourth round will be expanded to cover younger age groups.

According to my sources, the fourth round of vaccines will be given no later than early autumn of next year. We will very certainly have better, more effective vaccines by then “Helsingin Sanomat was informed.

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