The President of Liberia George M Weah has instructed Wilhemina Jallah, the Health Minister to facilitate right away the transport of a pair of conjoined twins to Monrovia. The twins were born in Lofa County, in the Tellewoyan Hospital in Voinjama. 

As per reports, the babies were born on June 11th, Saturday, and are physically connected to one another. The President desires the Minister of Health, along with her team to examine them thoroughly so that they can determine the course of action that will see them providing the best medical care to both the babies as well as their mother. 

Conjoined babies are a rare medical phenomenon and resultantly they are the subject of much interest to the international medical fraternity. The authorities in Liberia are deeply committed to working with local as well as international stakeholders in order to serve the needs of newborn babies. 

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