According to Ludmila Viksna, head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Riga East Hospital, specialists are working to establish ideas for medical treatment for patients who have received Covid-19.

She predicted that “Covid-19” will return in the fall, becoming a more common “accompanying” illness. According to Viksna, many people in Latvia have already been inoculated or been ill with Covid-19.

Coronavirus patients, on the other hand, are being closely monitored by medical professionals due to the fact that many of them are still experiencing symptoms years after their infection.

Experts are now working on plans to treat these patients. 20% of people who were infected are still experiencing symptoms, according to medical estimates.

According to Viksna, family doctors in other countries use particular surveys for Covid-19 survivors that ask about both physical and psychological well-being, in order to have a better idea of how patients are doing after the sickness.

Viksna emphasized that monkeypox isn’t a big deal because the number of persons afflicted is limited and the incidence of infection isn’t high.

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