According to the Health Ministry of Kuwait, there have been no cases of “monkeypox” in the country, and Al-Rai daily says that different parts of the department are keeping a close eye on how the disease is spreading around the world and taking all the necessary steps to keep it from coming to the country. This comes on the heels of in excess of 100 cases monkeypox cases that were found in Europe, “mostly among the homosexual ,” according to officials from Europe.

The health sources said that “smallpox vaccination is one of the most important vaccinations in the country,” and that “scientific reports corroborate that it prevents monkeypox 85 percent of the time.” The sources said that experts say that “monkeypox is different from the Corona virus because its symptoms happen to be obvious. This makes it easier to find people who have been in contact with infected infected people and to keep infected people apart.” The prevailing smallpox vaccination can help shield against it if needed.

 Because the disease doesn’t spread as easily as SARSCove-2, scientists don’t think it will turn into a superbug like (Covid 19), and they completely rule this out. “Covid spreads through the respiratory system and is very contagious,” said Dr. MartinHirsch.  It doesn’t look like this is the case with monkeypox.”

Monkeypox is a rare disease that used to only show up in remote parts of central and western Africa near rainy tropical forests. However, several countries around the world have reported cases of the disease, which causes fever, muscle pain, hand and feet rashes as well as swollen lymph glands.

Many countries like Spain, Canada, USA, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Portugal, and Australia have reported cases of monkeyvirus. Just in, the WHO has announced it would work in tandem with these countries to help them out in these unprecedented times.  

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