A lack of caregivers on the island has caused patients to be dismissed from the hospital, delaying operative procedures and has placed “unprecedented demand” on hospital beds, according to authorities.

According to the Jersey Government, “as many as 50 patients” were medically fit to be released but were unable to do so owing to a shortage of caregivers in nursing and residential homes.

It has created operational delays at the island’s hospital in Saint Helier, placing strain on its infrastructure.

More beds, according to Jersey medical director Patrick Armstrong, are required.

“We’re operating under more severe conditions than we’ve encountered before,” he continued.

“The problem is aggravated by the physical constraints of the present hospital structure and a scarcity of single rooms.”

Mr. Armstrong said that rooms were required for surgical patients in order to reduce the “danger of post-operative infection.”

“Our numbers reveal that in recent weeks, as many as 50 patients medically suitable for release have had to stay in hospital due to demands on providing care at home, in residential or in nursing homes, and for other reasons,” he said.

If an islander feels sick, they should call their doctor, unless the disease is a medical emergency.

“There will always be emergency assistance available, and we will do all we possibly can, for as many people as we can, given the resources we have,” Mr. Armstrong added.

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