This past week, Japan recorded almost 130,000 new coronavirus infections, which is a decrease of 60,890 cases from the previous week.

As of 10 a.m. local time (1 a.m. GMT) on Monday, the incidence of COVID-19 cases across the country was at 8,949,946, including all cruise ship travellers. This represents an increase of 130,294 cases from the previous week.

The weekly rate of incidence reached 14,222 in Tokyo, the most among Japan’s 47 prefectures; this was followed by 10,546 in Osaka, 8,694 in Okinawa, 8,438 in Aichi, and 7,099 in Hokkaido.

The number of deaths in the country that have been related to the coronavirus increased by 194 from the previous week.

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