This summer has seen a sudden increase in the number of injuries, according to Trauma and Orthopedics Hospital in Latvia.

There are more patients than there were at this time last year. People should take more responsibility for their health when participating in sports and other recreational activities, according to doctors.

On days when it’s warm, doctors see 25% more patients which comes up to more than 100 cases a day as compared to the cooler days. Dr. Uis Zari, the director of Trauma Hospital, said that most injuries are the result of negligence or alcohol.

“Accidents involving electric scooters are on the rise with most of them being far more than the number reported in the spring. These injuries are usually noted to be severe and long-term injuries with a recovery that take a long time.” Zari said.

Use of sharp objects including kitchen ware and gardening tools, careless use of personal utility items such as inappropriate footwear and reckless choices of entertainment including indulging in sports on uneven, wet or poorly maintained ground can contribute to serious injuries.

With the midsummer festival approaching soon, doctors predict a heavy spike in the number of accident cases due to uncontrolled alcohol consumption. Hence they’re urging the public to drink responsibly.

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