Khartoum: The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum is dedicated to improving services and protection for Indonesians in Sudan, including optimal protection from the ongoing spread of COVID-19.

In this regard, on Tuesday, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum carried out the sixth stage of COVID-19 vaccination activities for Indonesian citizens in Sudan.

During this sixth stage of vaccination, 139 doses of vaccine were injected, including 49 doses of Johnson & Johnson (J&J), 1 dose of Pfizer for beginners, and 89 Pfizer as a booster dose.

The J&J vaccine is administered as a single dose, followed by a 6-month booster dose.

To date, 473 Indonesians have received the entire dose of the vaccine, accounting for 35% of the country’s total population of 1340 people.

The high vaccination rate can be attributed to Indonesian citizens in Sudan being aware of the importance of protecting themselves and their families as well as creating a healthy environment, a phenomenon known as herd immunity.

“In accordance with vaccine availability and time frame, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum will continue to increase vaccinations for all Indonesian citizens in Sudan. All Indonesians, including those who have received booster vaccines, are encouraged to follow health protocols in the future.” The Indonesian Embassy stated.

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