Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu recently stated that India’s ties with Africa is of the highest
importance, and he asked for more bilateral collaboration in areas such as health, green energy,
services, and agriculture.
Naidu landed in Gabon to start a 3 day tour of the Africas.
“India attaches highest importance to its ties with Africa,” said Naidu at an event.  The Ministry of
External Affairs stated that it “asked for exploring Gabon-India collaboration in health, services, green
energy, and agriculture.
The MEA tweeted that “he acknowledged the modest but considerable Indian diaspora for their
outstanding contribution to the success and prosperity of Gabon.”.
Additionally, on Tuesday, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj met with Gabon’s top officials and
underlined India’s willingness to collaborate with Gabon in many areas and expand regional and
multilateral collaboration.
A high-level Indian delegation has never visited Gabon or Senegal before, but Naidu’s trip will be the first
from any of the three vice presidents.
The Vice-President Office said in a statement before his departure that his tour will add impetus to
India’s engagement with Africa and reaffirm New Delhi’s dedication to the African continent.

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