The frequency of cases of covid is “plateauing among all age categories,” according to the report.

There were no more fatalities linked to the Covid species reported in the previous week.

On the Isle of Man, there is already what is known as a “plateauing” of recorded cases of Covid-19 among people of all ages in the past week.

This information comes from the most recent weekly surveillance report that was issued by the Department of Public Health, which was released on 9 June.

Within the last week, there have not been any more fatalities on the island that have been linked to the Covid-19 virus.

This indicates that the total number of persons who have passed away as a result of contracting the virus since the beginning of the pandemic is 107.

The reproduction rate of the Covid, often known as the “R Number,” has increased to its current value of 1.00, having previously been at 0.77.

The Department of Public Health has indicated once again that the “R Number” is susceptible to “large variations” when the number of reported cases is relatively low.

Aside from that, the present seven-day average number of verified positive test results in the area is at the number 21.

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