In the preceding twenty-four hours, 100 of the 1,759 patients tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the overall number of confirmed positive cases to 325,170. The current positive rate is 5.7 percent, based on a total of 3,674,528 tests completed.

The Ministry of Health reports that 80 of the new cases are Kenyans and 20 are foreigners, with 54 men and 46 women. The youngest is two years old, while the oldest is 89 years old. There are 92 cases in Nairobi, four in Nakuru, two in Kiambu, one in Nyeri, and one in Uasin Gishu.

Positive cases ranged in age from 0 to 9 years, 10 to 19 years, 20 to 29 years (13), 30-39 years (20), 40 to 49 years (22), 50 to 59 years (15), and 60 and older (18). The illness was defeated by 18 people from the Home-Based and Isolation Care Program.

The current total number of recoveries is 318,623, with 265,592 coming through the Home-Based Care and Isolation program and 53,023 coming from various health facilities across the country. Because no individuals died from COVID-19, the total number of fatalities remains at 5,651.

Deaths occurred in the age groups of 0-9 years (62), 10-19 years (43), 20-29 years (149), 30-39 years (410), 40-49 years (647), 50-59 years (1,029), and 60 years and older (3,311). Six patients are currently hospitalized, and 890 people are engaged in the Home-Based Isolation and Care program. There are no patients in the ICU, on supplemental oxygen, or in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) (HDU).

Vaccination drive

On June 1, 2022, a total of 18,228,270 vaccines had been distributed throughout the country. Adult dosages account for 16,473,642 of these products (18 years and above).

Additional doses of 1,375,949 are given to teenagers aged 15 to 17, 34,589 to adolescents aged 12 to 15, and 344,010 are booster doses. In the last twenty-four hours, 5,481 vaccines have been provided, resulting in 5,952 people being fully immunized. Adults received all of their immunizations in 31.0 percent of cases. The government plans to vaccinate 27,246,033 people.

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