The Georgia State department Of Health stated the Centers for Disease And control confirmed that the orthopoxvirus case this week was actually monkeypox.

Last Tuesday, the CDC announced a possible case of the virus. A guy in metro Atlanta has been diagnosed with the orthopoxvirus, according to the Atlanta-based national public health department. Officials with the Georgia Department of Health stated he is still being monitored in isolation while monitoring continues. According to the CDC, this is Georgia’s only verified case of the disease.

It’s unclear how and where the person got the infection.

Dr. Jayne Morgan, executive director of Piedmont Hospital System’s Coronavirus task committee, said that while more monkeypox cases are expected, it’s significant to mention that it’s not as infectious as other infections.

“A single instance of monkey pox is unlikely to cause widespread fear. This appears to be a lone passenger who arrived in Atlanta after overseas travel and has been isolated “she stated

Georgia has its first case of monkeypox, according to the CDC’s website, which was updated Monday evening. Georgia has now joined the 12 additional states affected by the rare sickness as of Monday.

“At much less than one, the R0 value, which is its reproduction number, is still relatively low. By contrast, that provides you an indication of how contagious and transmissible it is. COVID, the omicron form, is most likely at 10 or 11 points. Measles can affect anyone aged 11 and up “Dr. Morgan expressed his thoughts.

According to the World Health, there have been 643 verified cases around the world as of June 1. The following day, the number increased to 780, and it now stands at 1,019 as of Monday night.

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