Human Rights Are Being Violated at the Tungan Habu Primary Health Centre. Niger State’s Tongan Habu is a rural village that is located in the Madara ward of the Kontagora Local Government Area. Primary Health Centre (PHC) This village has a Primary Health Centre (PHC) that serves more than ten other communities. However, health professionals at the PHC are battling so many issues relating to the facility that it is hindering their ability to do their jobs efficiently.

According to Maimuna Audi, the officer in charge of the facility, the PHC has never had a functioning labor room, which has made it difficult for the hospital to provide delivery services. “When it is time for them to give birth, we accompany ladies who reside in the neighborhood to their homes. Those who reside a great distance away are forced to either give birth on their own or be transported to Kontagora “…she said.

 According to Audi, the Tongan Habu Primary Health Care Center (PHC) has never had a source of water supply, the toilets are inoperable, there is no source of electricity supply, and the structure that the PHC is located in is in a state of disrepair. The continual stock out of crucial pharmaceuticals, which the Kontagora LGA allows to continue for a longer period of time than is required, is the greatest obstacle for Audi.

According to Musa Muhammadu, the head of the Tunga Habu village, the health center is unable to meet the requirements of his community as well as the need of other communities. According to him, women do not bother to seek prenatal treatment at the clinic since they are often confronted with a lack of supply of common prescriptions when they do so. He did, however, express his gratitude to the health care professionals for making an effort to offer treatment and, in particular, for accompanying pregnant women to their homes in order to assist them in giving birth.

A primary health care center (PHC) has to be able to provide high-caliber obstetric care. An unsettling circumstance is one in which a primary health care center (PHC) is unable to offer the services for which it was established. This condition denies the people living in that community access to a service, which is a basic right for those individuals. The community of Tungan Habu is requesting the following in order to remedy this wrong:

• A comprehensive renovation of the medical institution

• Construct and outfit a labor room inside the PHC. • Ensure that the PHC is consistently supplied with critical medications. • Supply the PHC with water and power. • Renovate all of the toilets within the PHC.

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