Beginning August 23rd, three vaccinations must be entered in the Green Pass to be considered fully vaccinated in Austria.

Previously, proof of recovery from a Covid-19 infection and one or two vaccinations could be used to provide proof of 3G that is vaccinated, recovered or tested instead of being vaccinated three times. A Covid-19 recovery certificate is valid for six months, and those who have not been fully immunized have until mid-August to get vaccinated.

According to ORF, pregnant women (due to potential health risks) and those with a medical exemption will be exempt from the new rules. Despite Austria’s Federal Government suspending the contentious mandatory vaccination law until August, the National Vaccination Committee has already recommended three vaccinations to protect against Covid-19.

According to Der Standard, only 65% of Austrians have a valid Green Pass, down from 72% in February. Furthermore, in Austria, the 3G rule is currently only required for hospital, retirement, and nursing home admission.

Austrian mask laws are changing

The announcement of the Green Pass follows changes to the mask requirement that will go into effect on Wednesday, June 1st, when wearing an FFP2 mask will no longer be required in Austria, except in hospitals, health care settings, and nursing homes.

These rules do not apply to the capital city of Austria. Masks will remain required on Vienna’s public transportation, as well as in medical offices and pharmacies.

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