With more patients, important survival drugs in various hospitals are running out quickly, therefore it’s now a severe issue, said GMOA Media Committee Member Dr. Prasad Kolabage.

The number of hospital admissions is rising, and there is a shortage of drugs in every facility, Dr. Kolabage added.

He told the reporters that the number of patients in the country is rising due to the economy, the pandemic, and diseases like dengue, influenza, and fever.

“The Health Minister says there are enough medicines. How can this scarcity occur? If the Minister has enough medicine, the distribution must be wrong. “It’s the Minister’s job to ensure all hospitals have enough drugs,” Dr. Kolabage stated.

We got a list of hospital-shortage essentials. Essential medications are running low. Patients can’t afford the remaining expensive medications.

The GMOA asked the Minister to act immediately to end the shortage and avoid worsening the medication crisis.

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