Christian Organizations Helping Ukrainian Refugees Fulfil their needs

Christian Organizations Helping Ukrainian Refugees Fulfil their needs - Samaritan's Purse, a Christian organization, is providing vital medical supplies and assistance to Ukrainian refugees. With the goal of alleviating the strain on the local health system caused by Russia's invasion, Samaritan's Purse has delivered medical aid and set up field clinics to provide care for over 11,450 individuals. They have also partnered with regional ministries to provide food to areas affected by the conflict. As the situation continues to evolve, Samaritan's Purse remains committed to meeting the material and spiritual needs of those suffering in Ukraine.

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While the Russian military's campaign against Ukraine wanes from the news, Ukrainians are still fighting to fulfill their primary essentials, including urgent medical care.


To fill the gap, Christian groups like Samaritan's Purse is giving vital medical supplies to Ukrainians.

On Wednesday, Franklin Graham, the CEO and President of Samaritan's Purse President release a statement that the charity had delivered its fifteenth freight aircraft maxed with medical supplies to Poland to assist Ukrainian refugees.

This shipment of aid that Samaritan's Purse delivered to Ukraine is part of a three-month response plan to Russia's invasion of the country in late February.


The goal of Samaritan's Purse's mission in Ukraine, as the organization's spokesperson Stephen Sneed highlighted is "to alleviate the continuing strain on the local health system that was caused by the country's Ministry of Health."

"In addition", he continued, seventeen airlifts carrying "more than over 140,000MT of medical comfort stockpiles majorly medical consumables and pharmaceuticals like splinting material, casting, surgical supplies, antiseptics, IV supplies, and bandages have been sent out.”

In March, Samaritan's started accepting patients at a field clinic just beyond the city of Lviv, one of the region the war hit the hardest.


Here and at other treatment center in different areas, Samaritan's more than 400 teams "provided medical care over 11,450 individuals," according to Sneed. Furthermore, the organization is partnering with regional ministries "to give 1,300MT of food to areas influenced by the bombardment."

"It's hard to say how long Samaritan's Purse will stay in Ukraine because of the 'flexible and regularly developing' nature of the situation," Sneed said.

“We intend to stay open as long as we are able to meet the needs of those who are suffering, and as long as there is an unrestricted entry through which we can fulfill both material and spiritual requirements in the name of Jesus,” Sneed concluded.


There is still a lot of violence against civilians in Ukraine. Violence forced Oksana (name changed for security) and her family to flee their home. “We require everything because we have nothing,” she explained. She finally contacted a local ministry, which gave her the supplies she needed..

On a Samaratin Airlines flight from Poland to Toronto, a batch of twenty-eight refugees, most of them women and children, recounted their brutal experiences leaving Ukraine. Marina described her escape as "a terror come true."

Many people voiced euphoria about the possibility of beginning a fresh life. "This is a blessing to me," says 8-month pregnant professor Natalia. “We had no idea what to do or where we could go.” 

“It is the Lord who has guided us here. My child will be born in a safe country now. We all find ourselves in the same position. Every person on this flight has been hoping for a fresh beginning and a new life. God is showing us His love at this moment. This is God's kindness expedition."

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