Fiji monitoring outbreaks of concern including Monkeypox

Fiji is closely monitoring international outbreaks of concern, including monkeypox. Learn more about the actions being taken by Fiji's Center for Disease Control and the Border Health Protection Unit to respond to these outbreaks.

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There are international outbreaks of concern that are being actively monitored by Fiji's Center for Disease Control and the Border Health Protection Unit.


Medical Permanent Secretary Doctor James Fong says this includes Ebola Virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Japanese Encephalitis in Australia, and severe hepatitis of unknown origin in numerous nations, as well as monkeypox in the United Kingdom.

According to Dr. Fong, specific actions have been put in place while they continue to monitor and assess the situation to better respond to it based on the available scientific information, best practices, and guidance from expert authorities.

According to the Permanent Secretary for Health, monkeypox has been detected in a rising number of nations, including Australia.


According to Dr. Fong, most people who get monkeypox recover within a few weeks with supportive therapy; nevertheless, severe sickness can occur in certain people.

At the border and in community facilities, the Ministry of Health is putting together infection prevention guidelines, according to the statement.

To ensure early diagnosis, treatment, and contact tracing for travellers from specific countries, Fiji must be able to retain oversight of those travellers.


More specific symptoms can include fever, chills, muscle pains and backaches, swollen lymph nodes, and fatigue.

Additionally, you may experience strange skin eruptions starting on your face and then spreading to other parts of your body.

All doctors and nurses should be well-versed in the presentation of diseases and cautious in ensuring instances are diagnosed early, according to Dr. Fong.

It was pointed out by the Ministry of Health that Fiji's strategy for resilience needs an urgent and early reaction to any possible threat.

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