Zwolle hospital in Netherland suspends cardiologists under fraud investigation

Zwolle hospital in the Netherlands suspends cardiologists amid fraud investigation. Justice officials are probing fraud claims against the cardiologists, resulting in their temporary ban from the Isala hospital. The hospital is cooperating with the investigation, and it has been revealed that some of the hospital's cardiologists have a financial interest in the suspended pair's firm. The investigation is believed to have potentially damaged the hospital's reputation. Find out more about the ongoing fraud probe.

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Since justice officials are looking into fraud claims hanging around the neck of two cardiologists, they are now temporarily barred from entering Zwolle's Isala hospital. The company of the cardiologists was probed last week by the Tax investigation service FIOD as reported by De Stentor.


The hospital was visited by the Public Prosecution Service (OM) as a result of the sham probe, Eveline Henneke, a spokesperson for Isala, conveyed to De Stentor. "We are allowing the OM to do their job and furnishing them with full collaboration," Henneke added.

Some of the hospital's cardiologists have a monetary stake in the suspended pair's firm. In 2021, the hospital hired an accounting group to examine the firm and discovered that there was a business interest conflict."

Nevertheless, Henneke was unable to link the new investigation to the old one being carried out by OM. According to Henneke, the presumed fraud conducted by the cardiologists may have put the hospital's image at at stake.

The firm under investigation helps cardiologists with analysis while making ICT services available to medical experts, reported De Stentor. 

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